Dear Pastor Khong: Your Homosexual Agenda

Dear Pastor Khong,

Actually, I don’t know what my ‘homosexual agenda’ is. In fact, none of us gay people know what the ‘homosexual agenda’ is.

It’s the first time we have ever heard about the ‘homosexual agenda’. Because we’ve never lived by this. We don’t have an agenda. We just want to live our lives.

This term, the ‘homosexual agenda’ isn’t created by gay people. It’s created by you. Now, the question is, why did you (and those who align) create the idea, the ‘homosexual agenda’?

Why did you and some people create the ‘agenda’, become fearful of the ‘agenda’, go against the ‘agenda’ and fight against the ‘agenda’, when all the time, this ‘agenda’ was created by you, you live within an ‘agenda’ that you’ve created and make it real, and fight against it – you are essentially fighting against yourself – You.

And no other gay person are involved in this cycle that you create and perpetuate.

We are really confused when you say we have a ‘homosexual agenda’. This ‘homosexual agenda’ was created by you, out of our own fear, which you then transpose on us, and want us to live by it.

But we do not want to live by any agenda. We only want to live our lives, just like you are living yours.

The question you need to ask is, if the ‘homosexual agenda’ wasn’t created by gay people, but by people who are not gay and fear the gay people, then what are you fearing?

What do you fear about the ‘homosexual person’ which you say you are not against, but fear? And why do you fear?

Why not reach out to understand? Because I’m willing to reach out.


One thought on “Dear Pastor Khong: Your Homosexual Agenda

  1. Renee says:

    Thank you for being willing to reach out and understand the claims about the gay agenda. I flitted in and out of the LGBT community years ago, and also didn’t know there was an agenda. The closest I got to seeing an agenda at work was when I was volunteering at a SAFE house for HIV/ AIDS carriers. But mostly I felt the same way as you. What do you think of this information?

    Gay activist Marc Rubin in 1999 wrote this about the Stonewall riots in New York in 1969, “GLF, the Gay Liberation Front, was conceived as being part of the entire Liberation movement… The Gay Activists Alliance stood for writing the revolution into law… Its goals were revolutionary in that it sought, through these means, to restructure society.”

    1972, Gay Rights Platform was formed in Chicago, Illinois, including nine federal goals and eight state goals, including:
    “Issuance by the President of an executive order prohibiting the military from excluding for reasons of their sexual orientation, persons who of their own volition desire entrance into the Armed Services; amd from issuing less-than-fully-honorable discharges for homosexuality, and the upgrading to fully honorable all such charges previously issued, with retroactive benefits. (1972 Federal-2)
    Federal encouragement and support for sex education courses, prepared and taught by Gay women and men, presenting homosexuality as a valid, healthy preference and lifestyle as a viable alternative to heterosexuality. (1972 Federal-6)
    Repeal of all state laws prohibiting private sexual acts involving consenting persons; equalization for homosexuals and heterosexuals for the enforcement of all laws. (1972 State-2)
    Repeal of all legislative provisions that restrict the sex or number of persons entering into a marriage unit; and the extension of legal benefits to all persons who cohabit regardless of sex or numbers. (1972 State-8)”

    1993 March on Washington, opening item in the Platform Demands: “We demand legislation to prevent discrimination against Lesbians, Gays, Bisexual and Transgendered people in the areas of family diversity, custody, adoption and foster care and that the definition of family includes the full diversity of all family structures.”

    ACT UP leader Steve Warren wrote in September 1987 “Warning to the Homophobes”, published in The Advocate, the most prominent gay magazine in the U.S.:
    Henceforth, homosexuality will be spoken of in your churches and synagogues as an “honorable estate.”
    You can either let us marry people of the same sex, or better yet, abolish marriage altogether…
    You will be expected to offer ceremonies that bless our sexual arrangements… You will also instruct your people in homosexual as well as heterosexual behavior, and you will go out of your way to make certain that homosexual youths are allowed to date, attend religious functions together, openly display affection, and enjoy each other’s sexuality without embarrassment or guilt.
    If any of the older people in your midst object, you will deal with them sternly, makin certain they renounce their ugly and ignorant homophobia or suffer public humiliation.
    You will also make certain that laws are passed forbidding discrimination against homosexuals and heavy punishments are assessed…Finally, we will in all likelihood want to expunge a number of passages from your Scriptures and rewrite others… Warning: If all these things do not come to pass quickly, we will subject Orthodox Jews and Christians to the most sustained hatred and vilification in recent memory. We have captured the liberal establishment and the press. We have already beaten you on a number of battlefields…. You have neither the faith nor the strength to fight us, so you might as well surrender now.”

    Harvard-trained gay authors Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen wrote “The Overhauling of Straight America” in 1987 proposed a six-fold plan:
    Talk about gays as loudly and often as possible.
    Portray gays as victims, not aggressive challengers.
    Give homosexual protectors a just cause.
    Make gays look good.
    Make the victimizers look bad.
    Solicit funds (get corporate America and major foundations to support the homosexual cause)

    Their bestselling book “After the Ball”, in their own words, “proposes a practical agenda”. They say “In February 1988… a “war conference” of 175 leading gay activists, representing organizations throughout the land, convened in Warrenton, Virginia, to establish a four-point agenda for the gay movement”.

    The authors’ goal was “the conversion of the average American’s emotions, mind, and will, through a planned psychological attack, in the form of propaganda fed to the public via the media.” One of their strategies was to “jam” people’s emotions by associating “homo-hatred” with Nazi horror. Their strategy has worked like a charm. So two Jews, Jeff Jacoby and Dr. Laura Schessinger, can be called Nazis – without the slightest hint of irony – simply because they expressed their differences with the goals of homosexual activism.

    Wayne Besen, founder of Truth Wins Out, wrote in his article “Visibility is Victory in June 2005, “we will succeed and create a new reality in America”.

    On January 13, 2005, 22 national gay and lesbian organizations released a jointly signed statement of purpose with eight goals. It was reported in an article entitled “The Gay Agenda” on

    The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) founded in 1980 and described as “America’s largest gay and lesbian organization” … “effectively lobbies Congress, mobilizes grassroots action in diverse communities; invests strategically to elect a fair-minded Congress…” etc. It has an annual budget of $35 million and more than 110 employees. For three years, Joe Solmonese, the president of HRC hosted a radio show called “The Agenda”.

    The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force (NGLTF), annual income of more than $3.5 million, “works to build the grassroots political power of the LGBT community to win complete equality… to pass pro-LGBT legislation and other measures.”
    The Policy Institute of the NGLTF is a think tank that conducts social science research, policy analysis, strategy development, public education and advocacy. They hold the Creating Change conference with over 2,000 attendees every year for activists and leaders from all over the country.

    Paula Ettelbrick from Lambda Legal, a national LGBT organization with an over $10 million annual income, said, “Being queer is more than setting up house, sleeping with a person of the same gender, and seeking state approval for doing so… Being queer means pushing the parameters of sex, sexuality, and family, and in the process, transforming the very fabric of society.”
    GLSEN works in the educational system with an annual budget of $6 million. It trains teachers in “gender speak”, gets textbooks in schools like “Heather Has Two Mommies” and “10,000 Dresses”, and encourages children to question their parents’ non-gay affirming views.

    A teacher’s lesson aid published in by the Gay and Lesbian Educators of British Columbia states: “We must dishonour the prevailing belief that heterosexuality is the only acceptable orientation even though that would mean dishonouring the religious beliefs of Christians, Jews, Muslims, etc.”

    Matt Foreman, then Executive Director of NGLTF said in 2006, “The agenda and vision that we must proudly articulate is that yes. indeed, we intend to change society.”

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