Soul Love

Love wasn’t meant to be confined anyway
But yet only when one truly loves oneself

I just want a simple life
I’m a simple man
Not a boy, but a man?
But they are only labels

For we are all souls
Confined within the human body
Learning the human impulses
And learning to tame them
Even as we want to draw on them

But souls die?
No, souls don’t die
When the human body bids its time
The soul goes on

But the soul is love
It’s not confined by human principles
Not whether you are gay or straight
Or whether it’s wrong or right
Whether you are good or bad
For love is

And indeed if you know how to love
The self you will love
For love, it knows no name
Nor creed nor judgement in deeds
It knows only the heart
And the self
And the truth
That no man says
But you alone knows
For you,
You are born in love, to love
And you, no matter who they say is not, you are.
And is love

But if you live your life in fear
And dare not embrace who you are
For you know that if you did
You know not what you would do
For you will then be set free
For I know
I’ve seen
That we surround ourselves with those who we think do not
Or will not make us venture beyond
For once we did
Know not now what it’s like…

The truth
The beauty
That will set us free
To roam the universe
At once, in peace


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